The 冰球突破官网 has held 公平贸易 status since 2008, 重新认证直到2023年6月. We are delighted to have signed up with the 公平贸易基金会 和 NUS to their new program to give our campus activities renewed vigour




请阅读冰球突破的 公平贸易政策. The 公平贸易基金会 recognises both the University’s ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable development in the developing world 和 the significant progress made by the University since 公平贸易 Status was first granted.

The University 和 学生’ Union sells a wide variety of 公平贸易 products across its cafes, 餐厅和商店. We use 公平贸易 footballs in Student Societies 和 公平贸易 suppliers are regularly invited onto campus to sell their products. 公平贸易 products including all drinks are used by catering for hospitality 和 conferences are also 公平贸易. We have made commitments in a number of areas to continue our progress with promoting 和 embedding 公平贸易 – 你可以在这里查看冰球突破的行动计划.

By buying a product with the 公平贸易 mark, it guarantees a price that covers the cost of production, a social premium for producer groups to invest in the business or community development, long-term trading relationships 和 advanced payments.





Procurement Working group students 和 colleagues are regularly invited to speak to students on various modules 和 run the popular orange trading game. 公平贸易意味着更好的价格, 体面的工作条件, 当地的可持续发展, 和 fair terms of trade for farmers 和 workers in the developing world. 

By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the market price), 公平贸易 addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, 弱的生产商. It enables them to improve their position 和 have more control over their lives.